Verb ‘to be’ (am/is/are) Possessive adjectives Possessive’s

Everyday conversations:

My/ her name’s ... Where are you from?

What’s your name/ phone number?

Who is…?

How (old) are you? Are you…?

Reading structures: I live with …

I go to … University. My family like her! It’s difficult to V …

Verb: have/go/live/like

Opposite adjectives (horrible/ nice, big/ small, hot/ cold, good/ bad, cheap/ expensive, old/ young, slow/ fast, easy/ difficult) old/ new

The family (father/ mother, husband/ wife, son/ daughter, brother/ sister, grandfather/ grandmother, uncle/ aunt, nephew/ niece, boyfriend/ girlfriend) Reading vocabulary:

The family (… child-children & friends (boyfriend/ girlfriend)

Marital status: to be + married/ single

Weather: The weather is good/bad/ok. – It’s sunny/ cloudy/ cold/hot, …


Present simple

  • Questions and negatives
  • Subject and object pronouns

What time is it?

Reading structures:

take (my pet) with me to the

help … to V help … with …

be important for sb to V

.. on farm/ in the field

Opposites (big/little, early/late, teach/ learn, play/ work, get up/ go to bed, morning/ evening, start/ stop)

Jobs (architect, dentist, doctor/ nurse, hairdresser, taxi driver, receptionist, journalist, pilot, lawyer, accountant)

Verbs: cut (hair), fly, work, design, drive/ ride, write, look after

Reading vocabulary:

A farm, a forest/ rainforest, a hut, a bow and arrow, a (electric) light, old-fashioned clothes, the sun, the moon, a board game, a church,

Animals: a monkey, a horse, a cow, a bird, Parts of the day: morning, afternoon, evening Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Verbs: go to bed, get up, play (baseball), sleep, hunt, teach, use, eat, sing, dance, visit, start/stop, read, do

the washing up, work (early/late)



Present simple

  • Questions and negatives
  • Adverbs of frequency
  • like/ love+ Ving

Social expression: Have a nice day, Good idea, Never mind,…

Like/ love + Ving (hobbies)

Like to V

Be a big fan of … Reading structures: Was born …

Be famous for … Take … for a walk/ a movie …

Go … for a walk/ Take sb to somewhere

Seasons and months (winter/ autumn/ summer/ spring, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December)

Prepositions: (of time) on Monday/ Mondays, … How do you relax? (playing golf, going to the cinema, playing tennis, swimming, windsurfing, going to the gym, playing a musical instrument, watching TV, playing computer games, listening to music, dancing, running, fishing, skiing, cycling, cooking)

Verbs: come, live, play, train, visit, drink, love, miss, cook, relax, feel, want, text, speak, smoke,

Adverbs of frequency: always, usually, often, sometimes, never

Wh-questions: What time, what, where, when, who, how, why


Reading vocabulary:

Animals: an emu, a gecko, a hedgehog, a donkey, a pony,

Verbs: bring, spend, make, put on, set off, win, go horse-riding,


There is/ are How many..? Some/Any/a lot of


How much are/ is…? Reading structures: Be famous for …

Prepositions of place (in, on, near, next to, at, under, above, between, opposite, inside, outside, behind, in front of)


-          Adjectives for good and bad: excellent, amazing, lovely, great, fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, terrible, horrible, awful, dreadful.

-     Adverb + adjective: really nice, very/ not very big






Places: a house, a flat, a town, a newsagent’s, s bus stop, a bookshop, a café, a playground, a park, a market, a supermarket, a post office,

In a house: living room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, dining room, kitchen, parking spaces, garden

House furniture/facilities: a sofa, a table, a chair, an armchair, a bookshelf, curtain(s), a carpet, a plant, a lamp, a clock, a bed, a cushion, a picture, a fridge, a cooker, a sink, a towel, a glass, a mug, a cup, a plate, Others: a phone, a diary, a purse, an address book, keys, stamps, water, money, a dictionary, credit cards, pens, sunglasses, a handbag, a kettle, a pillow Reading vocabulary: the Houses of Parliament Nouns: house (house of parliament), a bell, a politician, a palace, tower, floor, staircase, a pub, a gym, a leader, a bench, a chamber, an apartment, a cathedral/ church,

Verbs: sit (on) one side, enter, fight (with), cross, pull, exercise,



Can/ can’t was/were/could/ couldn’t

was born …

Polite requests:

Can/ Could I…? Can/ Could you…?

Give sb sth/ give sth to sb Speak to ..

Lend sb sth/ borrow … Give sb a hand/ help Give me a lift

Do me a favour


Reading structures:

Words that go together

  • noun + noun: motorbike, motorway, bus stop, bus station, businesswoman, sunglasses, coffee shop, living room, handbag, railway station, car park, traffic lights.
  • verb + noun: play the violin, go on holiday, go by train, speak a foreign language, ride a motorbike, play the violin, earn a lot of money, live on the third floor, send a lot of

text messages, wear a shirt and tie, look after

your health, watch films online.


Jobs: an artist, a scientist, a singer/songwriter, a … player,

prepositions (about, of, to, from, on, at, with, for)





Play the piano A & B both,

Go by train/ bus … Start V-ing, Writing:

Be interested in … Look forward to V-ing

Reading vocabulary: A talented family

Nouns: talent, musical instruments (piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello), a cellist, a violist, a pianist, a music producer, a musician, a clarinet, an orchestra, a string, scholarship,

Adjectives: talented, normal, proud, brilliant, rich, cool, full-time, expensive, successful, old, pleased,

Verbs: attend, hear,


Past simple (1) Regular Irregular verbs

Time expressions Linking words: but, so, however,

until, because, when, and

What’s the date?



Reading structures: Make a fortune,

… by bus/ train/ … Go on holiday Thank sb for st Stay in touch

Describing feelings (-ed and –ing adjectives: interested/ interesting, bored/ boring, excited/ exciting, tired/ tiring, annoyed/ annoying, worried/ worrying, disappointed/ disappointing)

Reading vocabulary:

Madame Tussauds:

Nouns: wax, waxwork, museum, tourist attractions, queue, stars, characters, touch, marriage, housekeeper, mask, real, a model,

Adjectives: brilliant, guillotined, an aristocrat,

Verbs: move, join, show, inherit, tour,

The year you were born:

Verbs: take, marry, become, cost/pay, win/lose, pay, spend, meet, fly, come, go, make, give, catch (a bus), study, open/ reopen, repair, send, receive,

The meaning of life:

Nouns: a millionaire, a siesta, a fish man, a businessman, a boat, a fleet of …,

Verbs: fish (go fishing), buy/sell, export/ import,

leave, smile, think, understand,









Past Simple (2)

Special occasions:

Prepositions (in July, at night, on Saturday,…)


- Wh-Questions and

Happy birthday to you!




Happy new year!

quietly, badly, easily, hard, well, fast, early, late,


- Time expressions

Merry Christmas!

calmly, obviously, carefully, immediately, silently,


(at/ on/ in/ago)

Reading structures:



- Adverbs

Sound + adj (That sounds

Talking about your life:




Last/ first



Enjoy V-ing

Get married/ divorced,



Like V-ing/ Like to V

Arrive at/ in



Look + adj (look

Grow up



glamorous, …)

Reading vocabulary: Forgotten female firsts



Love V-ing

Nouns: an actor/actress, qualifications, drama, a film



Keep sb locked in the

star, a film producer, jigsaw, a degree, chemicals,




discovery, X-ray, doodles, structure of DNA,



Get bored with st

Adjectives: glamorous, stupid, clever, different,



Spend time doing st




Think of st/ V-ing

Verbs: start/ leave school, run, get, win, run away,



Want sb to V st

begin/finish, receive, discover,



Things go well




Show st to sb




Win a prize for st/ V-ing



Count and uncount

Shopping in the high

Food and drink (tea, coffee, apple, banana, bread,




milk, egg, biscuit, flour, sandwich, onion, cheese, ice


Some/any/a lot of

What can I get you?

cream, wine, sausage, pea, pepper, salt, thyme,


Do you like…?/

I’m looking for…

vegetable oil, garlic, chips, pizza, …)


Would you like..?

I’d like…

Daily needs (aspirin, plasters, shampoo, deodorant,


How much (/many)..?

Have you got…?

toothpaste, sun cream, battery, scissors, adaptor,



Reading structures:

notebook, pen, pencil, envelope, sellotape, magazine,



Use … to V …




A big/ great fan of …

Reading vocabulary: The history of ice cream



Keep st secret,

Nouns: a recipe, luxury, noblewoman, a royal



… on average …

banquet, a cookery book, milk, butter, egg, flavour



Make $21 million a year

(chocolate, vanilla, strawberry …)





It’s good to forget those stories.

… have you to stay …

A settler, a grocery shop, a factory,

Verbs: freeze, travel/ return, introduce, appear/ disappear, grow,


Comparatives and superlatives (adj/adv)

  • ‘have got’/ have
  • Relative pronouns: which, who, where


Excuse me, Can you tell me how to get to…?

Could you give me directions to…, please? Turn right/ left… Reading structures:

It takes sb time to V There’s no need to V

Town and country (square, stadium, statue, market, street, bank, town hall, museum, office block, castle, shopping centre, cathedral, field, farm, wood, bridge, church, pub, path, river, cottage, hill, post box, lake) Prepositions of movement :over, up, under, along, through, on, at, down, onto, past.

Reading vocabulary: skyline, skyscraper, be full of, apartment, luxury, technology, CEO, medical research, charity, get bored with, apartment block, complain, traffic, traffic report, be fine with, height, find sth adj, ear pop, journey, aero plane, suburb, financial trader, money market, job offer, wake up, blinds, be scared of, obviously, twin, lift, disadvantage.

Writing vocab: have a population of, lie on, famous for, have problems with, underground, congestion.

charge, cost.


Present continuous Questions and negatives

Present simple and present continuous Whose or who’s Possessive pronouns Linking words: but, however, although

Everyday situations: Beautiful day, isn’t it? Can I help you, sir?

Sorry, I’m late. Similarity and difference

Describing people (appearance: pretty, good- looking, handsome, tall, young, long/ short hair, curly hair, fair/ dark/ red hair, blue/ brown eyes, a beard, clothes: a suit, a dress, a scarf, a T-shirt, a jacket, trainers, glasses, shoes, shorts, boots, a skirt, a cap, a hat, a watch.

Reading vocabulary: happen, sleep soundly, worldwide, rubbish, become extinct, celebrate, satellite, average, text, billionaire, found, employ, throw away, trillion, meteor, lightning, strike, in danger.

look alike, have sth in common,



‘going to’/ present continuous Infinitive of purpose

What’s the weather like? Making suggestions: Shall we…?


Why don’t we…?

Places and activities (gym – do exercise, restaurant , have lunch, conference,give a presentation, shop – buy a present for someone, school – pick your kids up, barber’s – have a haircut, theatre – see a play, airport – get a flight, art gallery – see an exhibition, railway station – get a train)

The weather: sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy, snowy, foggy, showery, stormy.

Reading vocabulary: relaxed, walk toward, shoulder, nervous, safety helmet, cycle race, old tradition, collapse, community, depend on, complicated, champion, gymnastics, bad grades.

Writing vocabulary: holiday: delicious, beautiful, huge, colourful, wonderful, relaxed, busy, expensive,

loud, peaceful, frightened


Present perfect

Been/gone Ever & never

Yet, already, just Past simple/ present perfect

Transport and travel: The number 36 stops near the museum.

How many pieces of hand luggage have you got?

Take and get (take photos, take a rest, take a test, take off your coat, take place, take a long time, take it easy, get ready, get married, get very wet, get… better soon, get home late, get on/ off the bus, get a lot of emails, get bored).

Transport and travel: airport, season ticket, departure board, travel card, timetable, railway station, bus stop, flight, waiting room, arrivals, customs, check-in desk, ticket office, buffet car, hand luggage, platform, double-decker, boarding pass.

Reading vocabulary: ancient, modern, explorer, experience, amazing, land, parachute, skydiving, stunt man, long- distance, athlete, hold the record, praise, courage, survive, heart illness, freezing water, caving, cave, flooding, rock fall, award, paralyse, hand- cycle adventure, wheel, inspirational, extraordinary.